We are not simply a Barolo producer, but a Serralunga producer. We have around a dozen different plots within the commune in addition to the newly acquired Valle del Mondo vineyard just south of the communal boundary in Roddino.

These vineyard plots include some of the most historically important areas such as La Serra, Broglio, Damiano and Vignarionda (each of which is mentioned in a document dated 30th May 1694) as well as Cerretta and Sorano. All but the new plantings in the Valle del Mondo lie within the communal boundaries of Serralunga d'Alba.

In terms of viticulture, we farm as organically as possible, using no artificial chemical treatments such as fertilizers, insecticides or weed-killers. Harvesting is 100% manual, as is pruning and tilling of the soil beneath the vines. Green harvesting is carried out as necessary and we allow plant growth between the rows of vines to encourage soil health and diversity in the vineyards.

The type of soil, altitude, exposure (the terroir) varies from one Cru to another; something that must be respected when working the vineyards. This work should also reflect the different weather patterns experienced each vintage. Savoir-faire learnt daily over the past 100 years enables us to understand perfectly the subtleties of each Cru.

Vini Giovanni Rosso

Azienda Agricola Giovanni Rosso, di Rosso Davide

Via Roddino 10/1 - 12050 Serralunga d'Alba (Cn) - ITALY
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