Tommaso Canale

As we have seen from The Vignarionda Story, Tommaso Canale continued to produce both grapes and wines from the vines that Davide Rosso's grandfather, Amelio Canale, and his own father, Aldo Canale, planted not long after World War II.

These wines, being Barolo, and above all, Serralunga Barolo, need to spend a lengthy period in cask prior to being bottled. Consequently, at the time of his premature death, Tommaso Canale had a number of vintages of Vignarionda still to be bottled.

In addition to acquiring the vineyard at Vignarionda, above which is their family home, Davide and his mother, Ester Canale Rosso, have selected a small quantity of Tommaso's wine from the 2007, 2008 and 2009 vintages with a view to bottling a limited run of no more than 1,000 bottles of each year. These will be offered to the market in the usual manner, but with the traditional label used by Tommaso Canale.

With an original design dating back to the family's acquisition of Vignarionda in 1934, this label will differentiate the wine from the rest of the Giovanni Rosso range and pay our respects to one of Serralunga's great characters, our cousin Tommaso.

The 2011 vintage will mark the beginning of a new venture for Az. Agr. Giovanni Rosso.

With the vineyard reverting to the ownership of Ester in April of 2011, the opportunity exists for Davide and Ester to write the next chapter in the history of the vineyard and the family's connection to it.

The first vintage of Vignarionda made by Davide at Az. Agr. Giovanni Rosso – 2011 – is to be launched as a Future. It will be available in necessarily small quantities through our distributors around the world.

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